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Current Capacities

Working gas 75.0 Bcf
Peak withdrawal 950 MMcf/d
Peak injection 525 MMcf/d


  • Connected to PG&E transmission system
  • Located effectively at California Citygate
  • Can be used to manage imbalances and OFO’s on PG&E system
  • Can backhaul or exchange to upstream markets (such as the Pacific Northwest)


  • Modular tariffs allow for fully customized contracts
  • Traditional, counter-cyclic, or multi-cycle configurations possible
  • High cycle “salt cavern” type contracts available
  • Short term contracts acceptable
  • Rates are negotiable

Customer benefits

  • Gas price management / arbitrage
  • Transportation cost management / arbitrage
  • Imbalance management and OFO/EFO penalty avoidance
  • Supply reliability
  • Load factor management
  • Access to PG&E Citygate market price and liquidity

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