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Daily Net Gas Injected

Historical Daily Net Gas Injected (3 months)

Wild Goose Gas Control: (403) 513-8615

Wild Goose Daily Net Gas Injected (mcf)
19-Feb-17 298,226


  • Positive Net Gas Injected: Injection
  • Negative (-) Net Gas Injected: Withdrawal
  • Date: Gas Day from 0900 CCT to 0900 CCT
  • Last Revised: Date Time 21-Feb-2017 06:00:12 MST

Please note that this Net Gas Injected number is Wild Goose’s best estimate using our operational data. There may be differences between this number and figures released by connecting pipelines. This difference may be related to differences in measurement, normal meter variation, different estimating processes or conversion methods. Wild Goose believes this information to be correct at the time it is posted. This data is posted for informational and illustrative purposes only and Niska Gas Storage and Wild Goose Storage, LLC specifically do not warrant the fitness, validity or correctness of such data for any particular use.

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