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Firm Storage Service (FSS) Components

  • Firm annual inventory
  • Firm withdrawal rights
  • Firm injection rights

Short Term Storage Service (STS) Definition

  • “Storage service comprising inventory, injection and withdrawal service of less than one year”
  • Often referred to as “Park & Loan Service”
  • Can be used to augment your FSS
  • Can be a stand alone service

Firm Injection and Withdrawal based on 1,000,000 MMBtu

FSS “Inventory Profile” Service

1.2 Cycle Service
Injection Profile (142 day service)
Max Day Injection At Inventory Capacity Level
8,000 Dth/d 0.0% – 60.0%
6,000 Dth/d 60.1% – 100.0%
Withdrawal Profile (150 day service)
Max Day Withdrawal At Inventory Capacity Level
13,500 Dth/d 100.0% – 60.0%
6,500 Dth/d 59.9% – 20.0%
3,400 Dth/d 19.9% – 0.0%

Market Based Demand charge in $/Dth of annual Inventory reserved – includes firm Injection and firm Withdrawal rights – profiled based on inventory

Variable Charges ($/Dth)

  • Actual Fuel — on injection and withdrawal estimated at 1.75% on Injection and 0.75% on withdrawal.
  • Commodity $0.02/Dth on Injection and $0.02/Dth on withdrawal


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