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SALT PLAINS® Gas Storage

The Salt Plains facility was originally developed by an independent E&P company and began offering commerical service in 1995. EnCana Gas Storage acquired 100% ownership of the facility in February 2001 and commenced operations under the name Salt Plains. The Salt Plains asset was later sold to Niska Gas Storage in May 2006.

Salt Plains consists of a depleted natural gas reservoir whose storage wells are connected to compression and dehydration facilities by a 6-mile gathering system with pipe sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches in diameter. The reservoir is in the Tonkawa formation at an average depth of 3,800 ft. The facility has 30 storage wells and 1 pressure observation well in operation. The compression and dehydration facilities are situated in a rural setting on 8.3 acres of farmland, and is tied into both Southern Star Central Pipeline (SSCP) and ONEOK Gas Transportation (OGT) transmission lines via a 12.5 mile x 16-inch sales line.

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