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Short Term Services

The AECO Hub™ can routinely make available on a firm or interruptible basis additional storage capacity and rate. These services are extremely flexible and can be designed to meet almost any time frame a customer desires. The negotiated fees are usually based on current market spreads and volatility.


  • Inject one month; Withdraw in a future month.
  • Inject one day or over a period of days during one month; Withdraw over a period of days during another month(s).
  • Inject today; Withdraw any (e.g.) five days of your choice during the following month.
  • Add additional injection capacity for a short period of time to your Firm Storage contract.

Why would you want to use these services?

  • Short term arbitrage opportunities.
  • Supply/demand backstopping.
  • Insurance against, or management of, volatility.
  • Manage short-term imbalances.


As these services are entirely customizable, and sensitive to market conditions, please contact us to discuss your needs, or to hear what we think might work today.

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