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We provide completely customizable storage services at fully negotiable rates. However most services will fall into one of two basic categories: Firm Storage (one year or more), or Short Term Services (interruptible or firm, but less than one year).

Within this section, you will find details about our storage and related services, including examples of some of the structures that have proven most popular with our customers, and tools for calculating indicative rates.

AECO Hub™ Tariff (Version 08-10)

AECO Hub™ Tariff  (PDF, 462KB)

For maximum transaction flexibility at AECO, it is recommended that interested parties review the Tariff and execute the associated Storage Services Agreement as soon as possible and in advance of any actual Transaction they may be contemplating. This Storage Services Agreement establishes a contractual umbrella between AECO and customer and adopts, among other aspects, the general procedures, terms and conditions and credit requirements outlined in the Tariff. However, signing the Storage Services Agreement does not oblige Customer to enter into or perform any Transaction; rather it is only when Customer and AECO take the next step and enter into an Appendix FSS or Appendix STS that the parties become bound to that Transaction.

AECO is marketing and negotiating firm storage services on an ongoing basis at the AECO Hub™. The sale of some or all of this capacity using our “NgsAuction” internet auction system will be considered and may be announced at any time. Parties who would want to participate as a bidder in the auction of our storage services will be required first to execute a Storage Service Agreement adopting this AECO Hub™ Tariff.

Parties interested in discussing services for next season or who have questions about the Storage Services Agreement adopting the AECO Hub™ Tariff should contact Sheri Doell at (403) 513-8613 or Sheri.Doell@niskapartners.com.

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