Our Businesses

Gas Services

Niska’s retail businesses deliver natural gas and related services to customers throughout Canada. Access West serves British Columbia and Alberta, while Access East serves Ontario and Quebec. EnerStream Agency Services helps customers in Eastern Canada manage natural gas costs through procurement strategies and flexible products.

Access Gas Services West

Niska responded to the growing need for commercial, industrial and retail natural gas marketing services by forming Access Gas Services Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary established in October 2006, to serve markets in western Canada.

Access Gas Services East

Access Gas Services (Ontario) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary was established in 2008 to provide natural gas marketing services to commercial, industrial and retail natural gas consumers in eastern Canada.

EnerStream Agency Services

EnerStream Agency Services Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, provides natural gas services to Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional customers in Eastern Canada, helping customers manage their natural gas costs through leading edge procurement strategies, flexible products and dedicated customer service.


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