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Reporting Hotline

Navex Global™ is a third party communications program that allows employees to anonymously report sensitive work related issues. All incidents are investigated and all identities are kept confidential. Any communication between employer and employee is anonymous through Navex Global™ until the matter is resolved.

If you witness or suspect unethical, illegal or unsafe behavior- please bring it to the attention of your supervisor or the human resources department. In the event you feel unable or unwilling to discuss the matter with your supervisor or human resources, please contact the Reporting Hotline.

The following list provides examples of topics that can be addressed:

• Accounting/Audit Irregularities
• Conflicts of Interest
• Customer Relations
• Discrimination
• Employee Relations
• Falsification of Company records
• Fraud
• Fraudulent Insurance Claims
• Improper Loans to Executives
• Insider Trading
• Kickbacks
• Policy Issues
• Product Quality Concern
• Release of Proprietary Information
• Retaliation of Whistleblowers
• Safety Issues and Sanitation
• Sexual Harassment
• Substance Abuse
• Theft of Cash
• Theft of Goods/Services
• Theft of Time
• Unauthorized Discounts
• Wage/Hour Issues
• Workplace Violence/Threats

The service is globally accessible to all staff and other stakeholders 24 hours a day 365 days a year to easily and confidentially report any issue or instance of misconduct. Bilingual English/French service providers are ready to assist you along with interpreters for over 200 languages.

No retribution or retaliation will be taken against any person who has filed a report based on a reasonable good faith belief however; making a report does not necessarily absolve you or anyone else if the report is not made in good faith. The company reserves the right to discipline you if you provide false information or make an accusation you know to be untrue. This does not mean that the information that you provide has to be correct, but it does mean that you must reasonably believe that the information is truthful.

SIM Energy takes all reports seriously. Reports to Navex Global™ which are: fabricated, retaliatory, frivolous, malicious, or a practical joke, may require disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The goal of the Reporting Hotline is to empower our employees, improve our working environment, and provide a secure and confidential outlet when normal channels have failed or are not possible; while bringing about positive change at SIM Energy.

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