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Choosing a Gas Storage Provider

Gas storage acts as the “shock absorber” for the natural gas industry.

Every gas storage customer has unique needs. In our experience, although the overall trend is injection in the summer and withdrawal in the winter, activity fluctuates widely, and our customers each have different needs and opportunities.

Every customer has a unique situation or reason to use storage, and quite frankly, some customers are more skilled at deriving maximum value from a storage position. In general, it’s important to get the right kind of storage to match your business. Niska Gas Storage is comprised of professionals who help customers to choose the kind of gas storage that will provide the maximum benefit for the customer.

Customers that utilize the AECO Hub™, for example, cover the entire spectrum of the natural gas industry, and include producers, marketers and industrial users. To accommodate their needs, our suite of products keeps evolving, and today includes Firm Storage, Short Term (ST) Firm and Interruptible, Title Exchange/Wheeling. We’ve had firm storage contracts from five-month to 25-year terms.

ST Firm can be:

  • in one day, out the next;
  • in one month, out another;
  • interruptible in, firm out; and
  • any combination of the above.

For the future, we anticipate continued tight supply/demand fundamentals, as commercial and residential heating loads and gas-fired power generation increases. We also anticipate increased market volatility with stronger gas prices. To serve the volatility, we see a growing importance and value for natural gas storage.

No matter where you might be transacting business in North America, Niska Gas Storage is ready to discuss your unique gas storage requirements.

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