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About Gas Storage

Let’s look at the fundamentals of gas storage.

The SAFEST and most cost effective way to store natural gas is underground, in geological reservoirs. The best geological reservoir will:

  • Be clearly defined — with enough wells so that you know where the formation is;
  • Have confirmed retention — with enough seismic data so that you know it will make a good trap;
  • Be highly permeable and porous — which relates to the speed at which the gas can move through the reservoir and the amount of space in the rock that the gas can be stored in; and
  • Have pressure integrity — with enough historical pressure data and core data to understand how much gas can be safely compressed into the formation.

There is a lot of gas storage used in North America: approximately 4.4 Tcf of working gas capacity if you add up all the figures reported. The majority of this storage — 80 percent — is located in the east, in areas with the most demand.

Please read the Gas Storage Industry Primer (PDF, 118 KB) if you want more information.

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